Andi Ford - Producer

Back in 1999 a desire to set up his own theatre company came to fruition. After a long discussion with co-founder Steve Woolley they decided to put on Ben Elton's Popcorn at the Redgrave Theatre and ProAct's first production was underway. Since then many more plays have followed and plans to build on ProAct's successes have become reality with the number of productions growing in a year, with who knows what more to come!!!

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Steve Woolley - Co-Founder, Director, Actor

Steve is co-founder of ProAct and has also Directed nearly all of our productions. He has been directing theatre for many years as well as performing in numerous productions, including ProAct's 2013 production of Equus. Steve's drive and passion for theatre has pushed us in finding many pieces that not just entertain but also challenge

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Anne Holloway - Production Assistant

Anne came on board with ProAct in 2010 with our production of Swimming With Sharks. Having been on stage for many years Anne more recently turned to supporting productions and has built up plenty of experience and knowledge from costumes to props, to sfx and even conflict management !


Darren Williams - Composer & Technical Director

Darren has been very much a part of ProAct since our very first production, Popcorn, back in 2000. Darren composed an incidental music score that was used throughout the whole play to enhance and build on the audience's emotions. He has since composed for the majority of ProAct productions, including scores as diverse as Equus and Oliver Twist, and has also undertaken all technical elements of our productions.

Geoff Rennie - Construction Director

Building sets and keeping the stage running during the week of a production are vital skills and in Geoff we have a dedicated and talented person. Geoff has created Hollywood studios to suburban kitchens. Whatever is thrown at Geoff he gets on with it and creates in his own quiet and laid back way.